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The Link Between Cleft Lip, Cleft Palate, and ASD
Studies suggest that there is a link between instances of cleft lip and/or palate and congenital heart defects such as atrial septal defect. Patients who are born with cleft defects of the lip or palate (roof of the mouth) have higher rates of cardiac deformities. One common cardiac deformity is ASD – or atrial septal defect.

There are no singular causes identified for any of these birth defects, but they do all have some ties to genetic factors as well as environmental influences. These influences can include but are not limited to medications, alcohol, and illegal drug use during pregnancy.

By nature of their defects, cleft palates and lips are easier to visually identify and diagnose in children, and it is even very possible to diagnose a cleft lip just through the use of a routine prenatal ultrasound exam. When a cleft lip is diagnosed, physicians will be more careful to thoroughly assess for cleft palate, as these are often tied together. In turn, cardiac assessments are also made because of the link between the three. Other congenital and chromosomal health concerns such as Down syndrome are other possibilities that doctors will need to consider during their ordering of tests.

Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

A cleft lip:
• Affects the upper lip
• Can have one cleft or a bilateral cleft with a notch on either side
• Makes eating, breathing, and learning to speak more challenging
• Can negatively affect hearing
• Is either diagnosed during pregnancy or immediately after birth
• Requires at least one surgery to repair, often involving a plastic surgeon
• Can interfere with healthy dental development and require orthodontic treatment plans as the child ages

A cleft palate:
• Can affect either the hard palate (are towards the front of the mouth), the soft palate (the area towards the rear of the mouth), or both
• Interferes with eating, breathing, and learning to speak
• Can negatively affect hearing
• Sometimes requires an implant to help correct the structure
• Is often diagnosed after a cleft lip is identified
• In rare cases can go unidentified for a time if the skin of the palate covers the defect
• Requires surgical repair, commonly more than one, beginning when the child is younger than two years of age

Atrial Septal Defect (ASD)
• The term atrial refers to the left and right atria, or chambers, of the upper region of the heart.
• The term septal refers to the wall, or septum, that separates each atria.
• The defect is in the septum, presenting most often as a hole between the right and left chambers.
• The hole allows for an overflow of oxygenated blood to move from the left chamber to the right and back into the lungs.
• Not all ASD cases needed repair, but left over time they can cause permanent and severe damage to the heart and lungs.

Parents of newborns who are diagnosed with a cleft lip or cleft palate should make certain that a team of specialists is following up on other possible congenital defects that might be present, but not clearly evident, at birth.


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