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Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) of the Heart
The septum is the wall that separates the upper right and left chambers of the heart. These chambers are the atria, and each has its own specific function. An atrial septal defect is a problem with this wall that separates the atria (chambers), and is commonly referred to as a hole in the heart or ASD. This is a congenital defect present at birth.

At birth a normal, healthy opening between the atria exists, called a foramen ovale. This normal opening is there to let blood move away from the lungs until the baby is born. In just weeks or in some cases a couple of months, this foramen ovale naturally closes as it is no longer needed. However, some estimates are that as many as 20 percent of adults have a remaining hole that never closes, also known as Patent Foramen Ovale. This usually doesn’t pose a problem in healthy adults. In some cases, though, these holes are larger than normal or in atypical positions on the walls. This is ASD.

Atrial septal defects let blood that has already been supplied with oxygen to flow back to the right side of the heart, mixing with blood there that is being sent to the lungs for oxygen. Because the blood from the left side should be going to the body and not the lungs, this crossing of blood-flow causes undue stress on both the heart and the lungs. The long-term effects of this can increase over time.

Causes of ASD
There does not appear to be one single, underlying cause of atrial septal defects. Several contributing factors have been identified in patients over the years. These include genetic predispositions and environmental influences during pregnancy, such as drug, alcohol, and other chemicals.

Complications for Patients
Young patients may not show any signs of ASD. For those with more severe ASD, complications after birth may include:

• Fatigue when breast or bottle feeding.
• A heart murmur, either mild or severe.
• Higher than average numbers of lung infections.
Patients who either don’t know early in life that they have ASD or who were diagnosed with mild cases, might not experience symptoms until they reach age 30 or older. These symptoms could include:
• Fatigue and shortness of breath.
• A heart murmur.
• Higher than average numbers of lung infections.
• High blood pressure with no other apparent causes.
• Swelling in the legs and feet (occasionally in the abdomen).

Many patients are monitored by cardiologists for signs that the ASD is creating long-term deficits for the heart or lungs. In these cases surgical intervention might be needed. This can be done through either cardiac catheterization or open-heart surgery.