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If you took the medication Zofran® while pregnant and had a baby born with certain birth defects you may be entitled to financial compensation.  Call us today to get the facts.  Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 or fill out our online contact form and a lawyer will get back to you.  There are certain time limits that may affect your ability to bring a case, so you must act quickly.  There are no legal fees or costs to you unless you receive money at the end of the case.  Please call us today.

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Cleft lip is one of the most prevalent developmental issues in babies in the United States. Approximately one in every 800 children are born with some sort of cleft. While it can be unnerving to find out your kid has a cleft, it can be something that often looks more serious than it is. This is due in part to the reality that cleft lip can be correctible, given the suitable amount of time and patience. It is also possible for a kid with a cleft lip to have an otherwise healthy and happy life.

The indicators connected with cleft lip consist of a space in the upper lip. This opening may influence either or both sides of the mouth area, as well as the area below the nose and the teeth and gum line. Babies with a cleft can go through troubles with eating as well as communicating, and since the abnormality often occurs concurrently with a cleft palate, there can be extra difficulties with hearing and ear infections.

The origins of cleft lip are unidentified but a variety of risk factors currently have been recognized. Researchers concur there is a genetic factor concerned because children born within a family with a previous incidence of cleft lip arise at a higher rate. There also would seem to be a race component concerned, as Asian and Native American children tend to have a higher incidence of cleft lip.

Environmental factors are also at play. Mothers can reduce the chance for cleft lip even if there are genetic risks by not smoking cigarettes, drinking, or using drugs during pregnancy. It is also important that women meticulously review risk factors with medical doctors when a prescription medication is offered.

Cleft lip is manageable, however it will take a while for treatment to be totally successful. A treatment plan is produced the minute a baby is diagnosed, which might be as early as a couple of months in utero. The immediate concern is for the baby to be able to take in air without problems and obtain the nutrition he or she requires. When a child struggles to feed properly it can lead to serious difficulties down the road.

As soon as a newborn’s basic needs are fulfilled, mothers and fathers check with with a team of medical professionals to plan for the long term. Surgery is generally planned before the baby turns 1. In some instances, this is sufficient to correct the cleft, though follow-up visits with dentists, orthodontists, speech pathologists, and psychologists can always be helpful for working with a range of issues the child can face in the future.