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Are Dental Issues a problem with Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate?

Cleft lip and cleft palate happen whenever a baby’s lips and mouth do not fuse appropriately. Both problems are fixable, but multiple surgeries could be necessary and it can take several years to totally right the condition determined by its severity. In other words, dental issues can generate problems whenever a child has cleft lip or cleft palate. If at all possible, a child’s medical therapy group will include an orthodontist and possibly a dental professional familiar with clefting issues.

Importance of Early Intervention

Data shows that when a child has cleft lip or cleft palate, early intervention is really important for the baby’ overall health. The majority of new mothers need assistance with feeding their newborns, but this process can be especially tough when a baby has a cleft lip or cleft palate. Forming a seal becomes difficult and the child is not able to eat enough.

In order for the child to get the diet a new baby demands, feeding guidance and support is wise. Tools are also available to make eating less complicated on babies with clefts. Unfortunately, whenever a child struggles to feed early on, it can exacerbate or create extra health problems in the future, including those associated with dental health.

Dental hygiene for babies and children with clefting has to be specialized. Many visit the orthodontist much earlier than they would with a typical mouth or lip structure. Early orthodontic involvement is an excellent method to reduce many different problems. Prosthodontic appliances can also make dental development healthier which help with speech problems. Orthodontists might also play a role in early surgical procedures, just so they are aware of the therapy and will follow up adequately as the mouth heals and changes. Babies and children with clefting perform much better if this staff approach is taken to treatment.

Continued Dental Health

Excellent oral hygiene is also required when a child has cleft lip or palate. Of course, this is the case with any child, but it is especially critical when dealing with abnormalities of the mouth and lips. Normal orthodontic and dental visits ensure that teeth are firmly anchored and gums remain healthy.

Dealing with cleft palate and cleft lip is an continuing process that can take years. Many kids continue to manage challenges well into their teens. In addition to functional problems with the mouth, additionally, there are psychological issues at play. The quicker therapy begins and the more complete treatment is the better shot a child has at living a normal, happy life.