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Cleft lip happens when the cells of the upper lip isn't able to fuse properly when a baby is in utero. Doctors acknowledge there is no one specific cause, however, many risk factors happen to be identified. A good number of researchers believe that a mixture of these risk factors is mostly likely to trigger clefting.

What are some of the common risk factors?

Genes, Gender, Nationality, and Weight Top the List

Many cases connected with cleft lip have a genetic element present. A relative could have had the abnormality, therefore the baby is much more prone to have it.

Scientists have identified appreciable link between a baby’s gender and the probability of cleft lip. Male babies are more likely to get the abnormality, with or without cleft palate. Female babies are more likely to have cleft palate by itself.


Asian and Native American babies are more likely to have cleft lip. African American babies are the least likely. Keep in mind cleft lip can occur in any race, but certain ones have a greater incidence.

Weight of Mother

Some studies shows a baby is more likely to develop cleft lip if his or her mother is obese while pregnant.

Contact with Chemicals

Contact with some chemical substances might trigger cleft lip.

Prescription Medications

Mothers taking certain doctor approved medications while pregnant appear to have a greater likelihood of giving birth to babies with cleft lip. There is no definitive substantiation any medicines cause cleft lip, but it is crucial you discuss risk factors with your physician before taking any medicine while pregnant. This is especially true if someone in your family was born with cleft lip.

Poor Lifestyle Choices also at Play

Hard substance users tend to give birth to more babies with cleft lip.

Smoking and Drinking are Bad

Smoking cigarettes while pregnant appears to boost the risk of having a baby to a baby with cleft lip.  Cleft lip and fetal alcohol syndrome tend to be related to one another.

There are other instances, too, when the genetic factors handed down to the child that cause syndromes also tend to include the genetic marker for cleft lip.

Cleft lip is regarded as unpreventable, but it is feasible to lessen your baby’s danger for having it. When you are pregnant or you intend to get pregnant, it is important you discuss with your medical professional your baby’s risk for developing cleft lip along with other abnormalities. This is also true if genes happens to be an issue for your son or daughter.