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Five Potential Causes of Atrial Septal Defects

An atrial septal defect occurs whenever a baby’s heart isn't able to form properly and there is a opening where there should be none. There are sometimes little holes that close up on their own, however greater holes typically go unnoticed until there is a health challenge later in life. Regrettably, when a person has a hole in his or her heart for some period, the damage proceeds to pile up and the outcome could be severe.


One of the most significant risk elements regarding atrial septal defects is a family history of the problem. Many researchers and doctors believe there might be a hereditary element present in every case. Some speculate the genetics combined with at least one other risk could be what causes the problem.

Drug or Alcohol Use

Physicians strongly dissuade women from consuming alcohol or using drugs during their pregnancy for a variety of reasons. If you are a moderate to heavy drinker or recreational drug user and you believe you will struggle to give up these things while you are pregnant, search for assistance. Your doctor can certainly recommend treatment programs that will assist you remain sober during this important time in your child’s development. If you are an occasional drinker, you simply need to stay away throughout pregnancy.

There is some data prescription medicines can also pose a problem for pregnant women. Before taking anything, even with your doctor’s authorization, make sure you realize all of the risks associated with the product.

Bout with Rubella during Pregnancy

Most individuals obtain a vaccination early in life that helps prevent them from getting rubella, as well as measles and mumps. If you did not receive this kind of vaccination or you are worried it needs a booster, talk with your doctor before becoming pregnant. Women who contract rubella early in their pregnancies enhance their baby’s risk for atrial septal defects.

Diabetes or Lupus

Babies born to women who have diabetes or lupus have a greater risk of atrial septal defects. If you have been diagnosed with either disease, it is essential your physician know this info and the two of you continue to keep careful watch over the progress of your child.

Phenylketonuria (PKU)

PKU raises the chance of being born with atrial septal defects. This is particularly true if the baby’s mom does not follow the PKU meal plan. PKU is a rare inherited condition that allows phenylalanine, a natural substance related to protein, to build up in the body. Phenylalanine is a natural substances that is a building block of protein. The condition is treatable and may usually be controlled by eating a diet low in proteins and using protein substitutes.