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Can I Prevent Atrial Septal Defects?

There is no straightforward answer to whether or not atrial septal defects are avoidable and quite a few doctors and researchers would probably simply say “yes and no.” The specific reason behind atrial septal problems is unknown, nevertheless there does seem to be a hereditary element involved, in which case it may not be an easy task to prevent the problem. Nevertheless, given that not every person with a genetic risk winds up having a baby which has a problem, most people in the medical community suspect other issues are involved.

What is an Atrial Septal Defect?

An atrial septal defect occurs once the heart fails to form correctly in utero and instead has a hole where there should be none. This hole enables blood to circulate poorly, leading to problems in the heart and lungs. Sometimes, smaller holes will never be a problem. They bring about no or hardly any symptoms, and they heal on their own once a person is a few years old. However, if a hole is larger and fails to repair on its own, a person might experience a assortment of difficulties, including many which are severe such as heart failure and stroke.

Never be reluctant to ask questions and learn everything you can with regards to protecting the healthy development of your child, even if it means questioning one of the ideas given by your doctor. You're better off knowing and asking than taking for granted everything will be fine.

Steps to Lessen Risk?

If you are planning to become pregnant and you believe your child may be at risk for developing a heart abnormality, genetic counseling may help you evaluate how bad this possibility truly is. As well as knowing where you stand in terms of things you cannot control, it is also vital that you contemplate issues you can control to help your child have as healthy a development as possible.

Additionally, some medical experts believe medications used during pregnancy may cause an issue in a baby’s heart. If you have been prescribed any medication, make sure you appreciate the risks. Your doctor should be aware of your medical history and understand that certain issues can be exacerbated by the use of certain medications.

Some studies have shown the risk to be higher for atrial septal defects for babies born to mothers who smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, or use illicit drugs during pregnancy. This is especially true for mothers using cocaine or those doing any of the behaviors early in pregnancy when the baby’s heart is at its most essential developmental stage.