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Pregnancy and Atrial Septal Defect
Prenatal development involves a series of complex processes in order for all of the organs and body functions to develop correctly. Sometimes these processes are interrupted by congenital birth defects such as atrial septal defect (ASD). This congenital defect is basically a hole in the septum, or wall between the left and right chambers (atria) of the heart.

A foramen ovale is a perfectly normal opening in the septum that is present before birth. However, this opening is supposed to close shortly after birth as the routes of blood-flow change. In some situations the hole is too large to repair naturally. In other cases, the hole is located in an area that poses a bigger risk than a typical foramen ovale. The reasons for atrial septal defects are often unknown, but genetics and environmental influences during pregnancy are thought to be contributing factors. When a pregnant mother drinks alcohol or takes certain medications or illegal drugs, these birth defects are sometimes the result.

ASD can be difficult to diagnose. Routine ultrasounds sometimes reveal large defects in the heart walls. In other cases, prenatal screening tests for other health problems reveal issues with the fetus. Sometimes this means that a condition such as Downs is diagnosed, and heart problems are more likely to be present in these babies. Other times, defects such as cleft lip or cleft palate also correlate with higher levels of heart defects.

If an obstetrician suspects a heart defect during pregnancy, specialists may be consulted. There are specific perinatal ultrasounds that can more closely look at the structures of the heart.
At birth the baby might show no signs of ASD. If there are symptoms, they could be very subtle and include those such as:

• A heart murmur
• Difficulty breathing
• Lung infections
• Tiring during nursing or bottle feeding

In ASD blood in the left chamber is routed to the right chamber when it normally should not be. This causes the heart and lungs to work harder than designed to do and gradually weakens these organs.
There is usually no immediate danger to the developing fetus with an atrial septal defect, because the oxygenated blood flow in utero is different than after birth.

After a baby is born there may not be any obvious signs that he or she has ASD. There might be no symptoms, especially if the hole is small. For larger holes or holes in abnormal locations of the septum the symptoms in a newborn might include:

• A heart arrhythmia
• More noticeable fatigue
• Difficult breathing/shortness of breath
• Increased instances of pulmonology infections

A child born with ASD might just need cardiac care and periodic review, or surgical intervention to repair the hole in the septum. Medication is not an effective course of treatment, unless it is to control symptoms such as high blood pressure or to reduce the risks of blood clots.