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Heart Defect of the Atria
A congenital birth defect of the heart can cause a myriad of problems for the patient. When that defect is in the septum that separates the upper cardiac chambers, it is known as an Atrial Septal Defect (ASD). In healthy hearts a foramen ovale is present at birth – this means that a natural opening exists in the septal (wall) – but this closes shortly after birth as it is no longer needed.

In patients with ASD, the septum has a larger than normal hole, a hole in an abnormal location, or a hole that just does not heal. The upper chambers, or atria, are each responsible for pumping blood to either the rest of the body or to the lungs to be re-oxygenated. The left atria is supposed to supply blood to the body, and the right to the lungs for oxygen. When a hole is between the chambers, the blood from the left chamber moves to the right chamber and then on to the lungs. The lungs and heart both have to work that much harder, pumping blood that it shouldn’t be pumping.

While some birth defects are very visible at birth and have noticeable symptoms, atrial septal defects are not necessarily easily diagnosed. Unless there are other health concerns or the symptoms are obvious, even something such as a heart murmur or higher-than-typical rates of fatigue are not always distinguishable in newborns as signs of ASD.

There is no one reason why some children are born with ASD. Some people are more genetically susceptible to the congenital defect, while other babies are exposed as fetuses to drugs or chemicals that interfere with normal cardiac development.

Some signs at birth of ASD include fatigue, especially while doing activities such as feeding (either via breast or bottle), a heart murmur or any level, and a tendency to more easily get infections of the lungs. Since these can easily be missed, especially if they are mild, it might not be until adulthood that people are diagnosed with atrial septal defects.

Adults who are diagnosed with this congenital birth defect, the symptoms might look something like those for infants. There can also be problems with pulmonary hypertension and swelling in the lower limbs.

There are no medications used to treat and repair atrial septal defects. In cases where a repair is needed, patients usually need either a cardiac catheterization or open-heart surgical repair. A patch is placed over the hole to repair the defect and ease the stress on the heart and lungs.