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Mothers taking certain doctor approved medicines during pregnancy seem to have a greater occurrence of giving birth to babies with cleft lip. There is no definitive evidence any medications cause cleft lip, however it is important you talk about risk factors together with your physician when considering any medication while pregnant. This is especially true if a person in your family was born with cleft lip.

Hard substance users are likely to give birth to more babies with cleft lip.  Cigarettes during pregnancy appears to boost the risk of giving birth to a baby with cleft lip.

Avoid excessive alcohol consumption

Cleft lip and fetal alcohol syndrome tend to be related to one another, so it is critical to avoid alcoholic beverages if you can.

Other Syndromes

There are more instances, too, where the genetic factors handed down to the baby that can cause syndromes also tend to include the genetic marker for cleft lip.

Cleft lip is considered unpreventable, however it is feasible to reduce your baby’s risk for having it. When you are pregnant or you plan to become pregnant, it is necessary you discuss with your doctor your baby’s risk for developing cleft lip and other abnormalities. This is also true if genes happens to be an issue for your child.

Most cases of cleft lip have a genetic factor present. A family member might have had the abnormality, hence the baby is more prone to have it.

Researchers have uncovered appreciable link between a baby’s gender and the chance of cleft lip. Male babies have a propensity to get the abnormality, with or without cleft palate. Female babies are more likely to have cleft palate alone.

Asian and Native American babies are more likely to have cleft lip. African American babies would be the least likely. Bear in mind cleft lip can happen in any race, however certain ones currently have a greater likelihood.

Some research demonstrates a baby might be more likely to develop cleft lip if his or her mother is too heavy during pregnancy.

Exposure to certain chemicals might trigger cleft lip.