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Diagnosing Atrial Septal Defects During Pregnancy
One of the most important factors for healthy pregnancy and delivery is proactive prenatal care by the expectant mother. This does not always prevent problems with the pregnancy, though, and congenital defects pose threats to the health of the unborn child. An atrial septal defect (ASD) is one example of a congenital birth defect that affects the heart.

The septum is the wall between the upper left and upper right chambers of the heart. In healthy pregnancies only a minimal opening exists in this wall, and this serves a very important purpose. It keeps blood from going to the lungs before birth, but then after birth is supposed to gradually close. If there is a septal defect in the atria, this hole remains and poses long-term health concerns.

Diagnosing ASD
There is no one stage in life when ASD is diagnosed. Sometimes during a routine ultrasound the atrial septal defect may be found, especially if it is a severe hole. In these cases it is not uncommon for there to be other health conditions that coincide with cardiac problems. Conditions such as Down syndrome made it more likely that a heart defect will be present. If an amniocentesis test reveals something such as Downs or ultrasound shows a cleft lift and cleft palate, doctors will look more carefully at all organs, especially the heart. A perinatal cardiologist will be consulted in these instances.

There is usually no immediate danger to the developing fetus with an atrial septal defect, because the oxygenated blood flow in utero is different than after birth.

After a baby is born there may not be any obvious signs that he or she has ASD. There might be no symptoms, especially if the hole is small. For larger holes or holes in abnormal locations of the septum the symptoms in a newborn might include:

• A heart arrhythmia
• More noticeable fatigue
• Difficult breathing/shortness of breath
• Increased instances of pulmonology infections

Children with ASD might just need monitoring by a cardiologist, while some with severe conditions require surgical repair fixes to preserve the health of the heart and lungs.
If these symptoms are not obvious during childhood, it is entirely possible that the effects of ASD will not be realized until the child is an adult. This is because the longer the condition goes undiagnosed, the more years of stress the heart and lungs endure and this increases the severity of the symptoms until finally brought to the attention of a physician.

As an adult, the symptoms of ASD could look similar to those that infants experience, as well as swelling of the legs and feet, pulmonary hypertension, and even stroke. The longer ASD goes undiagnosed, the higher the danger the heart and lungs are in for detrimental health consequences.