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Birth Defects of the Facial area - Cleft Lips and Palates
There are various types of birth problems of the face, but perhaps the most acknowledged are cleft lips and cleft palates. These birth problems could drastically modify the way a child’s face appears when he or she is born. A cleft is basically a split or notch in the higher lip (cleft lip) or in the roof of the mouth (cleft palate). Most of these can easily either be a bit moderate in relative physical appearance or seriously impact not only the physical attributes but the mechanical structures of the mouth.
Cleft lips and cleft palates develop in utero very early in the pregnancy. With a healthy pregnancy, the baby’s lips and palates actually developing in independent portions at first, and then join jointly to develop each individual facial structure.

For the top lip, where a cleft palate might develop, the total forming should really be full by the 7th week of pregnancy. However, this typical process does not necessarily always come about, and the end result is a separation of various degrees on the upper lift, most generally the left side. Sometimes both sides of the upper lip are influenced, and in intense cases, the cleft is so disfiguring that it results in a separation up to the nostrils and may also impact the jaw bone tissue and gum tissue of the higher jaw.
The palate is the area of the mouth most typically referenced to as the roof, and it is further divided by description into the hard and soft palate, hinging on the location (the soft palate is further to the back of the mouth). A cleft may occur at any place in the palate and involve both the front hard palate and the back soft palate. The problem happens when the palate forms incompletely and the separate structures never merge as needed, which is normally by the eleventh week of pregnancy. The more the palate is influenced, the more hazard the child is in when it comes to primary requirements such as eating and breathing.

How Are Cleft Lips and Palates Diagnosed?
Because cleft lips and palates are birth disorders with generally very obvious physical signs and symptoms, these defects are usually first diagnosed before a child is even born. Typical ultrasounds can detect the deformities, especially the cleft lips. It can be much harder to see the cleft palates through routine ultrasound technology, nevertheless if there is a cleft lip present most usually there will also be some degree of a cleft palate present too.