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Cleft Palate Birth Defects and Atrial Septal Defects
The palate of the mouth is commonly known as the roof of the mouth, and that can also be described as the hard and soft palate. The hard palate is the area near the front of the mouth, where it feels more firm, and the soft palate is the space on the roof of the mouth toward the throat that feels soft to the touch.

Cleft palate birth defects affect the roof of the mouth, either the hard or soft palate (or in some cases, both). With this birth defect, the roof of the mouth forms incorrectly during prenatal development. The hard palate is supposed to completely form by about the tenth week of gestation in healthy pregnancies, but a cleft defect means that the structure of the roof of the mouth contains a cleft, or notch/separation where there should be none.

Every year in the US almost 7,000 babies are born with a cleft defect in the palate, lip, or both. Female babies are more likely to be born with a cleft palate, and they are also more likely to be born with cardiac defects such as atrial septal defect (ASD).

Atrial septal defects occur when the wall (or septum) that divides the upper chambers of the heart has a hole. This hole allows blood from the left chamber to flow into the right chamber. The blood from the right chamber is sent to the lungs. This means the lungs are being sent a higher volume of blood than they were designed to handle, and some of this blood that originated in the left chamber is already supplied with oxygen. The result is a heart and lungs that have to work harder than need be in healthy situations.

No one cause is responsible for either cleft palates or atrial septal defects. It is believed that a combination of factors contribute to these health problems. Some babies have a genetic predisposition to either one of the defects. Other babies born with either cleft palates, ASD, or both, suffered during prenatal development when their mothers took medications or drugs that interfered with healthy growth.

Infants who are born with cleft palates face various health complications. These include difficulties feeding either by bottle or breast, challenges with healthy breathing, difficulty swallowing, long-term speech development challenges, and hearing loss. They are also at risk for poor dental development.
Infants who are also born with atrial septal defects face further complications. These include increased difficulty breathing, fatigue when eating, heart murmurs that are not benign, and risks for long-term damage to the heart and lungs.