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Atrial Septal Defects: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

An atrial septal defect comes about when the heart will not form properly in utero and there's a gap in a place where there should be none. It can set off issues during the person’s everyday life, particularly if the hole is undiscovered and heart and lung function are affected.


The symptoms linked with atrial septal defect vary from case to case and on how big the hole. You'll find young babies having little holes that never display any signs of a problem. The holes restore themselves in a short time and the kids go on to live happy, healthy lives, never knowledgeable there was a difficulty.

When the hole in the heart is greater and goes unattended, various symptoms can occur. In many cases, it is these symptoms that lead to the diagnosis of atrial septal problems. An individual might go to his or her doctor because of difficulty breathing, swelling in the feet or legs, fatigue, or a pounding heart and discover an opening has been existing since before birth. Other sorts of serious symptoms of atrial septal defects include stroke, heart murmur, and frequent lung infections.


Doctors do not know the precise reason for atrial septal defects and most concur there is probably a variety of factors that can trigger the abnormality. There's a genetic element and if an individual has a heart defect or has family members with a heart defect, he or she is more likely to be the parent of a child with an issue.

In addition to unmanageable genetics, things a mother does during her pregnancy might additionally play a role in the development of atrial septal defects. Babies with mothers who smoke cigarettes, use illicit drugs, or consume alcohol during pregnancy, especially early on, have a higher risk for this as well as other problems. There have also been instances in which a mom developed rubella during pregnancy and it resulted in the child having an atrial septal defect.

Lastly, there's some information that the use of certain prescription drugs could play a function. Be sure you understand all of the challenges involved if you take anything during pregnancy, even if it is something suggested by your doctor.


It is possible to treat atrial septal defects with medication, surgery, and various supportive treatments. A lot of the treatment plan depends upon the size of the hole and the degree of severity the situation has reached. If a person has experienced serious implications from atrial defects, those issues might be addressed before further treatment methods could be researched