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If you took the medication Zofran® while pregnant and had a baby born with certain birth defects you may be entitled to financial compensation.  Call us today to get the facts.  Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 or fill out our online contact form and a lawyer will get back to you.  There are certain time limits that may affect your ability to bring a case, so you must act quickly.  There are no legal fees or costs to you unless you receive money at the end of the case.  Please call us today.

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One of the most significant things you might do if you believe you or your little one has a heart defect is to seek out appropriate medical attention. In several cases, atrial septal problems, particularly in little ones, are identified while in routine medical examinations. Many are actually identified in utero when a physician is examining ultrasound results. In different cases, a doctor requests exams to be able to evaluate a child’s heart situation due to genetic history or because of symptoms reported by mom and dad.

The same is true for adults. Many people have absolutely no thought they have got a congenital heart matter until they will begin going through symptoms related to the problem. For a long time they have had the difficulty but ended up oblivious of the matter until symptoms flared.

Symptoms may differ from mild to incapacitating and life-threatening. Less severe symptoms that send individuals to their doctors for assessment include bloating of the feet, legs, and abdomen, exhaustion, and difficulty breathing. Sometimes issues are more serious and include heart palpitation or exhaustion during minor to moderate physical exercise. Choosing to dismiss these symptoms can certainly lead to serious consequences, such as stroke and heart failure.

Therapy programs for atrial septal defects vary from individual to individual. In some cases, doctors do not really bother doing anything apart from observing and checking the actual progression of the condition. Any time the defect is modest, it can repair on its own without having any interference.

More serious situations require therapy that can range from prescription medication to surgical procedure. Presently there are a pair of types of surgery that are used to restore atrial septal defects. Both procedures place a item or patch into the heart to go over the hole, but one is done through a catheterization procedure and the other is open heart surgery.

Lifestyle modifications may also play a role in helping atrial septal defects. There are no “natural” cures, but there are numerous things you can add or eliminate from your life that will help control the condition and permit you to recover faster from invasive methods including surgery. Eating a heart-healthy diet can be one of the best changes anyone can create, defect or not. Including fitness in your every day program also assists you sustain a healthy weight and keep your heart healthy. It usually is not a problem for people with atrial septal defects to get involved in training, but you should consult your physician just before making any changes.

Getting help for atrial septal defects is an important part of living a healthy, gratifying daily life, even with the condition. Even in instances in which the defect has triggered secondary health issues, it is possible to lead a prolonged, happy life.