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What are the complications of a cleft lip?
Cleft lip birth defects can mean several different types of complications for babies born with these conditions. Usually a child born with a cleft lip will also have a cleft palate, and possibly other birth defects, but even just a cleft lip will pose immediate and possibly long-term concerns.

Feeding Complications: One of the most immediate needs of a newborn is nutrition. When a baby is born with a cleft lip, it can be difficult and sometimes impossible for the baby to get a complete suction on either a breast or bottle nipple. The infant may struggle to feed and get inadequate nutrients. Because most of the babies born with cleft lips also have cleft palates, this problem is made even worse.
In less severe cases of cleft lips lactation specialists can work with new moms to find breastfeeding positions that work best for the baby and encourage good nursing. There are also nipples designed just for babies who have cleft lips to make feeding easier.

Until the upper lip can be prepared, new moms who want to breastfeed can do several things to provide their children with nutrition. First, they can use a breast pump to express milk for feedings while using a special bottle nipple. Moms can also spend time with their newborns at their breasts during cuddle time. This both helps stimulate breast milk production and builds that close bond between mother and child. If the cleft lip is repaired during those first crucial months, the mom may still be able to breastfeed her child.

Speech Complications: Children born with cleft lips can develop speech problems, especially if the condition is not treated early and/or if the child also has a cleft palate. If the cleft lip extends up into the nose it may cause the voice to have a nasal quality. Speech therapy can help children as they go through treatments and their facial structures undergo changes.

Dental Complications: Extensive cleft lips sometimes involve the gum line. This means that the teeth, both baby and adult teeth, beneath the gums can be negatively impacted.

Treatments: The first concern is usually to find a way for the baby to get proper nutrition, so those initial treatments are focused on basic needs. Somewhere between the first and fourth month is usually the best time for a cleft lip to be surgically repaired. If the cleft is severe several surgeries may be needed. Sometimes a pre-surgical procedure to stretch and prepare the involved tissues is needed. Treatment plans are not only to improve the function of the lips, but to make cosmetic improvements. This is important for healthy emotional development. Other medical professionals who may be involved with treatment plans include speech therapists and orthodontists.