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What is Atrial Septal Defect?
Atrial septal defect, better known as ASD, is known as the congenital difficulty that strikes your heart. With this illness a hole is found within the wall of the heart between the 2 upper chambers. There can be several ways ASD presents in the heart, and the severity of each may differ from very little to life threatening. Depending on the actual severity, there are a variety of treatment plans used to handle the problem.

Indications of ASD
Depending on the design and degree of ASD, the warning signs may not even be visible in newborn babies, or they might possibly turn out to be serious health issues for grown ups. As soon as adults first observe signals of ASD, it's not unusual for them to be 31 years of age or older. Some indications of ASD include:

• A difficulty breathing (increasing in degree with workouts)
• Fatigue, from slight to critical
• Swelling in the legs, feet, and even mid-section
• Heart palpitations
• Lung infections at an unusually bigger level
• Stroke
• Heart murmur
• Associated medical issues, such as other birth defects very often go in hand with ASD

Identifying ASD
Atrial septal defects are generally clinically determined at different periods for people, through different methods of testing.
• Infants with some other health challenges such as Down Syndrome may perhaps be diagnosed earlier on, even in utero, as doctors determine overall health more diligently.
• An child with a serious heart murmur may well get an echocardiogram to find the explanation for the murmur, and this testing may possibly reveal an ASD.
• Some individuals undergo tests for different health reasons and the ASD is observed during these exams.
• Patients who present signs and symptoms of ASD could have the diagnosis affirmed most typically through echocardiograms.
• Other lab tests that could discover ASD can consist of chest x-rays, electrocardiograms (ECG), cardiac catheterization, MRIs, and CTs.

4 Categories of ASD
There are four different types of Atrial Septal Defect, but only two of those are thought to be the usual manifestations of the condition.

Secundum: This is the most prevalent type of ASD, compromising the center wall between the atria.
Primum: This is the second most frequent form of ASD and it takes place in the bottom area of the atrial septum. This type of ASD is most likely the sort to take place in combination with some other congenital heart health troubles.

Sinus venosus: This infrequent version of ASD only occurs in the higher section of the atrial system.
Coronary sinus: This unique variation is also infrequent, resulting in a missing part of the wall between the coronary sinus and the left atria.

Solutions for ASD
The seriousness of the symptoms for atrial septal difficulties mainly determines which option of plan of action is necessary. Many persons with slight to moderate symptoms just simply have medical monitoring and mandatory lifestyle changes. Prescribed medicines don’t always have the ability to repair the holes, however could help decrease the symptoms of ASD. In more major circumstances, surgical procedures that also includes patching the hole is required.