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Cleft lip takes place when the cells of the upper lip fails to fuse properly when a baby is in utero. Physicians acknowledge there is no one specific thing that triggers cleft lip in babies, however, many risk variables happen to be identified. Most experts assume that a combination of these risk factors is mostly likely to bring about clefting, so it is important to know the facts.

What are 10 of the most likely risk factors associated with cleft palate?

Most cases connected with cleft lip have a genetic element present. If a relative could have had the abnormality, the baby is probably more likely to have it.


Scientists have uncovered an association between a baby’s gender and the probability of cleft lip. Male babies have a increased propensity to develop the abnormality, with or without cleft palate. Female babies are more inclined to have cleft palate by itself for some reason.

Ethnic background

Asian and Native American babies are more likely to have cleft lip. Black babies would be the least likely. Keep in mind cleft lip can occur in every race, but particular races currently have a higher incidence rate.

Weight of Mother

Some studies demonstrate that a baby might be more more likely to develop cleft lip if his or her mother is too heavy while pregnant.  Please maintain a balanced diet.

Contact with some chemicals could trigger cleft lip, so it is important to exercise caution when around anything you consider toxic.

Prescription Drugs

Mothers taking particular doctor approved medications while pregnant seem to have a higher likelihood of having a baby to  with cleft lip. There is no conclusive evidence pointing to a specific medication, but it is important you talk about risk factors with your doctor when considering any medication while pregnant. This is especially true if a person in your family was born with cleft lip in the past.

Illicit Substances

Hard substance users tend to give birth to more babies with cleft lip.

Cigarette smoking

Smoking cigarettes while being pregnant seems to increase the likelihood of having a baby to a baby with cleft lip.


Cleft lip and fetal alcohol syndrome are often associated with one another.

Other Syndromes

There are other instances, too, when the genes passed to the child that cause syndromes also tend to include the genetic marker for cleft lip.

Cleft lip is considered unpreventable, however it is possible to reduce your baby’s danger for having it. If you are pregnant or you plan to get pregnant, it is necessary you discuss with your medical professional your baby’s risk for developing cleft lip along with other abnormalities. This is especially true if genetic factors happens to be an problem for your child.