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The Causes and Dangers of Atrial Septal Defect (ASD)
Atrial Septal Defect (also known as ASD) is a congenital birth defect with no singular cause that causes many dangers to the patients with this condition. In this birth defect, the left atria (chamber) of the heart is not separated fully by the septum (wall) from the right atria (chamber) as it is supposed to be. Holes are present in the septum, of varying sizes and locations, in patients with ASD.

• Before birth there is a natural opening in the septum, called a foramen ovale. This regulate blood flow before birth.
• After birth this foramen ovale is supposed to close within weeks or just a few months.
• Some patients always have a minimal opening remain which causes no or limited effects.
• Atrial septal defects can be quite large or in atypical locations along the septum.
• Blood-flow goes off course with ASD, sending already-oxygenated blood back to the lungs.
• Over time this ineffective blood-flow causes damage and risks to the patient.

Causes of the Defect
Genetics and environmental impacts seem to be the biggest causes of atrial septal defects. Children with family histories of heart defects appear to be more at risk than those without family histories. However, there is also a strong link between what the pregnant mother consumes and inhales and heart (and other) birth defects. There is also a link between ASD and birth defects such as cleft palates.

Dangers of ASD
Some of the dangers of ASD are also the symptoms that patients may experience. If the defect causes symptoms in newborns, these might include difficulty feeding because of exhaustion from physical activity. The baby might also have a high rate of lung infections, get short of breath, and cough. Heart arrhythmias may also be present.

Older patients in their 20s, 30s, and 40s might first experience symptoms such as high blood pressure and edema. They can also experience symptoms like those of the infants, including fatigue from physical activity, lung infections, heart murmurs, and shortness of breath. As the damage to the heart and lungs builds, the symptoms worsen and the lifelong effects get worse.

The irregular blood-flow patterns make the heart and lungs work overtime, and the atria (chamber of the heart) might enlarge from the stress. The lungs can also weaken, caused by pulmonary hypertension. In worst case scenarios, this damage leads to heart muscle weakening, decreases in lung function, blood clots, and stroke.

The earlier doctors can find the septal defects, the better it is for the patient’s long-term health. Cardiac monitoring includes echocardiograms and other image testing to track the heart function and septal defect.