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Cleft Palate Causes

Cleft palate takes place when the inside of a baby’s mouth is unable to shape properly as the baby develops in utero. It is sometimes combined with cleft lip, as well as the space in the mouth and lip can extend to the gums, teeth, and into the nasal cavity. Cleft palate can make it difficult for a newborn baby to eat and malnutrition has become the main concerns when a child is born with the abnormality. As he or she develops, there are other difficulties, as well. Many children with cleft palate use speech pathologists and need many years of orthodontic care to ultimately repair the problem. Multiple surgeries are also required to make functional and cosmetic modifications.

Nobody is sure if there is an exact root cause of cleft palate, nevertheless there are numerous risk factors that experts agree promote the chance of cleft palate. What are five potential triggers which will increase your baby’s risk for cleft palate?


Specific medications are thought to increase the possibility of cleft palate. Make sure you are aware of the potential risks of any medicine you take during pregnancy, even if it is prescribed by a doctor.


Exposure to some elements might be associated with the development of cleft palate.

Race and Gender

Certain races tend to have a higher incidence of cleft palate than others. The highest rate of cases is seen in babies of Native American and Asian descent. Female babies are also more likely to have cleft palate, though the incidence of cleft lip and cleft lip with cleft palate is higher in male babies.

Use of Certain Substances during Pregnancy

Cigarettes and alcohol increase the risk for a baby being born with cleft palate. The same holds true for mothers who use illegal drugs. Since the risks are so very high in general concerning pregnancy, it is important to make careful decisions if you are pregnant or could potentially become pregnant. Should you smoke, drink, or use drugs, be sure that your doctor is aware so he or she can closely monitor your baby’s development.


Genetic factors play a major part in whether or not a baby will have a cleft palate. As a matter of fact, physicians advise parents with a genetic history in their family of cleft palate undertake genetic counseling to gauge the potential for cleft palate. Many cases can be diagnosed in utero, so if there is an incidence of cleft palate in your family, you can figure out if your child has it and commence to learn about treatment early on. Knowledge is among the ideal ways to prevail over the challenges linked to the abnormality.