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Cleft Palate Treatment and Presence of Cardiac Defects
When a child is born with a cleft palate and a cardiac defect, such as atrial septal defect (commonly referred to as ASD), there are a range of specialists who will need to be involved in his or her care. The treatment plan will depend on the severity of the defect to the palate and heart, but in any case should involve close monitoring by an obstetrician overseeing each aspect.
Higher instances of cardiac involvement exist in those patients who are born with cleft palate defects. In both cases, it is also more likely that the patient will be female. Treatment options depend upon symptoms and outlooks for future health.

Specialists who might be involved with treatments for these defects include:

• A cardiologist – working with the patient to assess the structural damage to the heart and the potential for damage to the heart if the defect is left unrepaired.
• A pulmonologist – working with the patient to assess lung function in regards to ASD, as pulmonary hypertension and repeated lung infections are a possibility.
• An oral surgeon – assessing the need for repairs of the cleft palate. This is especially important if there are feeding and breathing complications.
• An otolaryngologist – ENT – specializing treatment of the ear and hearing structure. In cases of cleft palate there may be hearing loss that surgery can correct.
• A plastic surgeon – working with the patient to repair the cleft palate with minimal physical scarring and disfigurement.
• A nutritionist – working with the patient to overcome the nutritional complications that both a cleft palate and ASD present. A cleft palate puts immediate negative abilities on the infant to nurse or bottle feed, and severe cases of ASD can leave children too exhausted to eat for normal lengths of time.
• An audiologist – working with the patient to minimize hearing loss when a cleft palate interferes with healthy auditory development. This in turn plays a role in health speech development.
• A speech pathologist – helping the child correct any issues related to speech and the cleft palate repair.
• A team of orthodontists – devising a plan for healthy tooth and gum development, and perhaps working with oral surgeons to correct abnormalities.
• A team of psychologists and general health practitioners – working with the patient and family to overcome the stress of living with cleft palate defects and ASD. The medical treatments, expenses, and emotional implications can be just as overwhelming as the symptoms the abnormalities cause.
As with so many healthcare situations, early intervention is invaluable when it comes to diagnosing both cleft palate defects and atrial septal defects. Children born with these complications face surgical repairs and symptoms that can impact their daily lifestyles. Putting together a team of medical specialists is the first step in their long roads to recovery.