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Zofran Lawsuit West Virginia


Learning that your child has been diagnosed with cleft palate can seem frightening, but this developmental abnormality is actually quite treatable. It takes a variety of treatments to overcome the issue, as well as a great deal of patience, but it is possible for a child with cleft palate to grow and lead a happy, fulfilling life.

One of the most important and effective treatments for cleft palate is surgery. As a matter of fact, a great deal of the rest of the treatment plan is based around the surgical procedures. Children with cleft palate have a team of medical professionals working together to support the child and his or her family. Pediatric surgeons head up this team and other medical professionals including orthodontists, ear, nose, and throat specialists, and psychologists all play a role.

The Surgery

Children with cleft palate often undergo several surgeries throughout childhood. The earliest and most significant of the surgeries is usually scheduled between six and eighteen months of age. Unlike cleft lip, cleft palate might not be visible to the average person, but it is imperative the problem be repaired within the appropriate time frame. Surgery makes it easier for the child to learn to speak normally. It also repairs the barrier between the nasal cavity and the mouth.

During the operation, several incisions are made at the margins of the palate. The separate parts are sewed together in several layers. The first creates a nasal lining, the middle the muscles, and the final layer becomes the roof of the mouth.

Bone Graft

Later in life it might be necessary for a child to have a bone graft to further correct issues from cleft palate. A cleft inside of the mouth can affect the teeth and gums, so surgery is used to repair the area of missing bone along the gum line. Bone is taken from the child’s hip and placed in the cleft in the gum line. This allows teeth to move into place in a stable space, adds support, and improves the contour of the face. It also helps with general structural support for a dental implant if one is needed.

As stressful as it might be for a parent whose child is undergoing surgery, parents should understand that many cleft palate surgeries are performed every year. The procedure is considered extremely effective and safe, and can be the best way to help your child overcome what would otherwise be a major challenge.