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Zofran Lawsuit Tennessee


Doctors are unsure exactly what causes atrial septal defects to occur, but most agree it is not one single cause, but a combination of things that lead to the congenital birth defect. An atrial septal defect is actually a hole in the heart. This hole can be small and essentially unnoticeable. As a matter of fact, many of the smaller incidences heal within a few years and a person might not ever know there was a problem. Larger holes that do not repair themselves can lead to problems later in life and are often discovered when a person is in his or her early to mid-30s.

Family History

Research shows that atrial septal defects have a genetic component. If a person has a relative with a problem or they themselves have a problem, the likelihood of their baby developing a problem is greater. Many people planning to become parents participate in genetic counseling that helps them evaluate the likelihood their child will inherit an atrial septal defect.


Since babies born to families with a history of atrial septal defects might not develop the same problem, doctors believe that environmental factors might also be at play. Incidences of holes in the heart are higher when a mother smokes, drinks alcohol, or uses drugs during pregnancy, especially early on when the heart is forming.


There is also some evidence that certain prescription medications could cause malformations in a baby’s heart and affect development in other ways, too. If you are pregnant, it is essential you understand the various risks associated with taking any substance, even if it is a medication prescribed by your doctor. Never be afraid to ask questions and conduct research on your own because your baby’s healthy development could be at risk.

There have also been cases in which an atrial septal defect occurred after the mother contracted a rubella infection early in her pregnancy. If you are planning to become pregnant and you have never had an MMR vaccination, it is important you do so before you conceive. You can also talk to your doctor about booster shots that can restore the potency and protection of the original vaccination.

It is possible to repair an atrial septal defect through surgery, but often the problem is not discovered until it is too late. If you or your child experiences any unusual symptoms, it is important to bring them to your doctor’s attention so he or she can assess your risk for any type of atrial defect.

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