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Zofran Lawsuit Nevada

If you took the medication Zofran® while pregnant and had a baby born with certain birth defects you may be entitled to financial compensation.  Call us today to get the facts.  Toll Free 1-866-777-2557 or fill out our online contact form and a lawyer will get back to you.  There are certain time limits that may affect your ability to bring a case, so you must act quickly.  There are no legal fees or costs to you unless you receive money at the end of the case.  Please call us today.  Zofran Birth Defect Lawsuit Nevada

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Zofran Lawsuit Nevada


When a baby is born with an atrial septal defect, it is essential his or her doctor carefully monitor the situation and choose an appropriate treatment plan. It is possible to lead a happy, fulfilling life in spite of a congenital heart defect, but to do so, patients must be under the care of an experienced physician.

Repairing the Defect

One of the best ways to deal with an atrial septal defect is to correct the problem. In some cases, this happens naturally. Small defects sometimes heal without interference from doctors, though it might be necessary to use medication to ease the symptoms caused by the defect.

Larger defects sometimes need more direct attention. If the hole has not repaired itself, doctors might choose to treat the problem with one of two surgical procedures. The preferred method is a catheterization procedure that inserts a tube through the groin and into the heart. This tube is used to assist in the placement of an umbrella-like device to block the hole. In just a few months, tissue grows over the device and the hole is sealed.

The other option for repairing the problem is open heart surgery. The ultimate strategy is the same – to patch the hole in the heart. The method by which the heart is reached is what differs. In open heart surgery, a surgeon must make an incision into the chest and manually place the patch over the hole. Because it is more invasive there are more risks involved and recovery time is longer. Usually, a three or four day hospital stay is required.

Both procedures are effective and have relatively few risks. Follow up is required in both cases, so doctors can monitor the patient’s recovery and determine whether the procedure was effective. Surgery might not be right for everyone, even if the defect is severe. Before doctors can perform surgery, they must evaluate a patient’s health and ensure that person is healthy enough to undergo and recover from surgery.


Whether surgery is used or not to repair the problem, medication is sometimes necessary to manage the health of the heart. Medication cannot repair the hole, but it does reduce the symptoms and supports longer-term heart health. Symptoms like heart palpitations, murmurs, and weakening of the heart and lungs is common when a person has an atrial septal defect. Medication can help to control these, giving a patient a better shot at a long life.